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We at Aaditri, a Software Development Company in Delhi, India, believe in the strategic role of the technology. With growing operations and the zeal to simply it, organisations ranging from small to large sizes are presenting their customers with software that are handy, save time and resources. Software Development requires proficient knowledge base and well structured methodolgy to develop solutions that simplify the client's operations.

Our software development services are not limited to ready-made softwares. We do take care of the customisable software needs of our client.

Our Software Development Services Range In :

  • Ready-Made / Customised ERP's for Education Management; Used by schools, colleges and universities to track all the past, present and future records of students & staff.
  • Ready-Made / Customised Hospital ERP'S which the hospital administration staff to keep the records of patients like past history, medication, admission, discharge, death / birth records, etc.
  • Ready-Made / Customised Billing softwares; which help the small shops, large stores, malls, companies to generate the bills/invoices of the sales made.
  • Ready-Made / Customised Process Automation Softwares; which simplify the over all administration of the organisations by creating daily reports and assessing the work flow.
  • Ready-Made / Customised CRM softwares; which helps the organisations to keep intact all the details related to their customers like their visits, items purchased, dates of transactions, personal records and amount payable.
  • HRMS Softwares; These help the organisations to synchronise the operations of HR Department. The HR can store the employee's data, generate salary, calculate the leaves, handle the recruitment advertisements and generate various HR reports.
  • Mobile Application development We specialise in developing applications on both Android & iPhone. We just not create games; we develop applications relating to healthcare, enterprise solutions, database apps, etc

Our Specialty Custom Software Development

We respect the uniqueness of each business organisations. Hence, with our leading Software Development Services in Delhi, India, we create softwares which address the client's requirement. Client's requirements are gathered and softwares are developed with their consultation.

Call us today to get advanced and logical softwares developed.

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